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Metrotown Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic is excited to now offer Shockwave Therapy as a new treatment option.

We are one of only a handful of clinics in BC that have the world leading Electro Medical System’s Swiss Dolorclast Smart 20. More than 80% of the evidence that shockwave works is based on studies published on this unit. The Swiss Dolorclast is FDA approved and the most clinically proven, effective treatment driven by the latest technology and a high powered external oil compressor that delivers constant higher energy density for rapid tissue healing.

Other machines, considered tabletop units, have a small internal pump or compressor and are not FDA approved as shockwave machines because they are not proven to be effective and only offer temporary relief by delivering weak pulses and ‘vibration’ therapy.

Shockwave Therapy and how it works

Shockwave therapy, also known as Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT), is a clinically proven and highly effective treatment with little to no side effects for chronic soft tissue injuries involving tendon, ligament, muscle or scar tissue injuries, and certain bone conditions.

An extracorporeal shockwave is a non-invasive, non-electrical high energy sound wave that passes through the body via a hand-held applicator probe. Shock wave therapy is thought to work by inducing microtrauma to the damaged soft tissue by creating micro-cavitation bubbles deep in the tissue that expand and burst, and stimulate healing. The shock waves cause a rapid increase in blood circulation to the target tissue area and will break down scar tissue that builds up over time, such as found in chronic soft tissue injuries. Normal soft tissue has elasticity. In comparison, scar tissue is not elastic and will cause abnormal movement and function, thus resulting in weakening of unaffected soft tissues around it, thereby often leading to more injury and pain. It also stimulates neovascularization (new blood vessel growth) which in turn dramatically accelerates the healing process by increasing delivery of nutrients to the affected area. The high energy sound waves reduce pain in the tissue by inhibiting pain signals and increases metabolism of tissue cells which release pain and anti-inflammatory biochemicals. Soft tissue repair and restoration of normal function can be achieved.

Conditions treated with Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy can be a very effective treatment option for a wide range of soft tissue and bony conditions. The following list includes some examples of conditions which has been effectively treated and restored back to normal function:

Contraindications for Shockwave Therapy

There are a few instances when shockwave should not be used:

What to expect from a Shockwave Therapy treatment

The number of treatments varies depending on the indication and tissue response. A typical treatment course of Shockwave Therapy consists of 3-5 visits at approximately once per week. The painful site is identified and approximately 2000 shockwaves are administered using a hand held applicator in combination with a conductive gel. Some slight discomfort may be experienced during treatment, depending on the level of pain that already exists in an area. The process can be adjusted for patient comfort. The treatment lasts between 6-10 minutes. Some patients report immediate pain relief, but natural healing of injured tissue occurs approximately 6-8 weeks following treatment.

Side Effects of Shockwave Therapy

The most commonly reported adverse side effects are minor discomfort or pain during and immediately after the treatment session. Reddening of the skin in the area treated is also common observation; a result of the increased blood flow. These typical side effects are usually short lived lasting no more than 2-4 hours.


If you have been suffering from an injury that has not responded to traditional treatments, Shockwave Therapy may be the solution to your recovery.

Book with us today and see how effective Shockwave Therapy can be!