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Pilates Kinesiology for Rehabilitation and Fitness

Pilates Kinesiology is the assessment of how you move followed by the design and implementation of a progressive exercise program that is Pilates based.  Each exercise is individualized to promote your safe and dependable return to work, sport, recreation and the activities of daily life.

Pilates based Kinesiology combines the foundational work of Joseph Pilates with current anatomical, rehabilitation and motor learning science.   Pilates is mindful exercise that combines the breath and purposeful movement.

Who Are Kinesiologists?

Practicing Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who are part of your health-care team.  We are members of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists.  Kinesiologists use our knowledge of biomechanics, injury recovery and exercise for chronic medical conditions to enhance your health and well-being.

Kinesiologists collaborate with other health professionals to empower you to reach your rehabilitation and fitness goals. We consider your body as an integrated system.  We believe that your entire health history impacts how you move today.

What Happens During a Clinical Pilates Session?

During each private Pilates session, you will be moving, so wear clothing that you are able to exercise comfortably in. Wear socks that have a little grip.  

You don’t need to have a background in Pilates to begin.  Sessions are instructed by Alfred Ball, an experienced Kinesiologist who will guide you through a series of exercises on the Pilates reformer, mat and or tower that match your experience level, goals and abilities.

 There also are multiple components that we can adjust, such as the springs or foot bar position to make the activity easier or more challenging.  Individual Pilates exercises are adjusted so that the focus can be on co-ordination, joint stability, core strength, limb strength with trunk stability or spine mobility.

Our Pilates machine at Metrotown Physiotherapy is raised to make transferring on and off the equipment easier. We also have a variety of other accessories such as the jump board and rotational disk board to make your sessions enjoyable and practical. Your Pilates program is designed with your entire body in mind, not just the current site of injury.


What Benefits from Pilates Sessions?

Pilates can be complementary to other rehabilitation such as Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy.  Research is also showing that there are many benefits of Pilates including:

Is Pilates Only for Rehabilitation?

Pilates is also a powerful addition to many athletic training or fitness programs.  Anyone wanting to live an active lifestyle can benefit from participating in Pilates with a Kinesiologist to prevent injuries from occurring or to improve power, flexibility, co-ordination and posture.