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Orthotics and Customized Foot Supports

Foot Orthotics are customized support systems designed and manufactured to fit your feet in order to balance the biomechanical insufficiencies of your feet and lower extremities. Orthotics are medical devices used to modify the functional and structural characteristics of the neuromusculoskeletal system of the lower body.

Some reasons to use custom foot orthotics include:

Specific to orthopedic injury and prevention, orthotics are commonly used as an adjunctive therapy to treat:

At our clinic, all of our therapists are highly experienced and qualified to perform biomechanical and gait analysis to determine your necessity for orthotics. We will take a 3D impression of your feet by casting it with plaster slipper casts or foam box casting. These casts will be used to fabricate your orthotics. We provide Footmaxx orthotics for your specific needs, whether it is for sports, work or rehabilitating an injury.

If you suffer from any of these conditions and want to get the  benefit from custom orthotics, CONTACT US today to set up your appointment!