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Getting back into Golf!

May 15th, 2020 • Metrotown Physio Team • in Uncategorized • • Add a comment »

Golf is Back! … But take it slow and easy at first 


With the various health authorities now allowing the public to use golf as a socially distanced activity, we strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to dust off the putter, driver and pitching wedge and get back to golf.   It is strongly encouraged that you take certain steps in order to reduce the risk injury as you get back in the swing of things.

Be Prepared for:

  • Driving Ranges unavailable 
  • Putting Greens unavailable
  • You may only show up 20 minutes prior to your tee-time
  • Yo will need to walk the course unless each person in your group rents their own cart


Cardio Exercise:

To prepare for the walk, try and get out and do some walks in the trails or around your neighbourhood before hitting the links.  You should also do an activity (cycling, zumba, dancing, running) that will get your cardiovascular system pumping so you have the stamina to walk all 18 holes.



Warm Up Exercises:

Hold all the following stretches for 15-30 seconds and repeat 3-5 times on each side.


1. Upper and Mid Back Stretch: Stretch the mid-back by sitting down on a chair or bench, cross your hands at your shoulders, side flex to one side and then rotate to the same side. 


2. Mid and Low Back Stretch: Stretch the mid to low back by sitting down on a chair or bench, cross your clasped hands way out in front of you, then reach down to the outside of one of your legs.


3. Shoulder Stretch: Stretch the Rotator Cuff muscles of the shoulder by using a club.  Put your club behind you and hold onto the club with one arm tucked behind your back and one coming over the top as if you are scratching just below your neck. 


A) One exercise is to pull the club up.


B) One exercise is to pull the club down.



4. Back of the Shoulder Stretch: To stretch the back part of the shoulder. Raise your right arm in front of you, sink the shoulder back and then use the other arm to gentle pull that right arm across the front of your body to feel a stretch in the back of your shoulder.

5. Hamstring Stretch: Don’t forget to stretch your hamstrings, the muscles behind your leg.

Have your foot flat on the riser or step, turn your foot towards the middle a little, and then lean forward from the hip.  Depending on your flexibility you may not go very far before feeling the stretch.


6. Back Rotational Stretch: Stretching the back is very simple.  In standing,  put the club under your arms, lean to one side and then rotate to the same side.  This mimics your swing or at least it should mimic your swing!


7. The Final Piece of Warmup: Before hitting the first ball, take a few breaths to relax your shoulders, line yourself up and take a few practice swings. Then, step up to the ball and swing confidently with your eyes on the ball!

Enjoy your day on the golf course!

Written by:

Marc Rizzardo,  Physiotherapist 





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