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Coreshorts – Back by popular demand!

May 15th, 2020 • Metrotown Physio Team • in Equiptment • • Add a comment »

If you suffer from low back, pelvic, hip or groin injuries and are active, you don’t want to miss this article!

It is a pleasure for me, Greg Bay PT, to connect with many of the trusted clients at Metrotown Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. I am the creator of a compression support garment called CoreshortsTM and a Physiotherapy graduate from UBC with your clinic leader Marc Rizzardo. I am grateful for the opportunity to share some information as to how Coreshorts can help you in injury recovery and performance.

Some may remember the Dragon’s Den episode in season 2 when I was turned down by the Dragon’s but a year later was “the one that got away” as we signed an exclusive deal with Under Armour. You can watch the two Dragon’s Den episodes at the “media” section on our website at

It was a 9 year relationship with Under Armour and we have taken Coreshorts back and restored their quality and function to their original intent of being the best compression stability support available.

Coreshorts is unique with its patented Core Activation System “X”TM design. The specifically engineered “X” material in Coreshorts is designed to support recovery and rehabilitation programs for any Core type of injury – low back, pelvic, hip and groin injuries. Coreshorts create circumferential compression to support the pelvis and low back and the “X” connects the legs to support movement. No other compression short helps to control leg movement with this anatomically correct design. When you wear Coreshorts the more you move the better they work!

 Coreshorts is the preferred compression short. They are used by professional athletes (over 300 NHL players), recreational athletes, post partum mom’s who need pelvic support, hip replacement clients, hernia repair, groin – hamstring or quadriceps strain – basically, it doesn’t matter what you do or your specific injury what matters is how much support you need during functional recovery.

There are three versions of CORESHORTSTM available to support your specific needs.

1.0 – 4 way stretch “X” for Global Stability – everyday use, all activities great global support

(15 – 20mmHg compression)  You should wear a compression short with purpose = 1.0

2.0 – 2 way stretch “X” for Specific Stability – more stability for injury recovery and motion control

(20 – 25mmHg compression – medical grade) pelvic stability, hip replacement, hernia, muscle strains

3.0 – 2 way stretch “X” for Maximal Stability – full stability and motion control system

 (25 – 30 mmHg compression – medical grade) the most stability and support – all conditions

We are proud to partner with Metrotown as a retail provider for Coreshorts. Please reach out to the amazing Therapy Team at Metrotown for continued care and recommendations on how Coreshorts can help you reach your recovery and performance goals.

For further information please have a look at our website at

All the best in Health and Happiness,

Greg Bay PT

Coretection Products Ltd.

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